View Full Version : Cagiva Raptor 650ie First Ride

05.05.2009, 08:14 AM
So, Saturday the 2nd May was the day i took my final ride on the Paso 906. Riding across to the dealer to pick up my new bike i gave the jelly mold a few blasts just to listen to that fabulous exhaust note and rush of forward motion. In to the car park, switch off and one final glance and then i was hunting down my new steed.
The bike was wheeled out of the showroom, paperwork completed, a walk round with the sales guy to show me what was what and then the keys were handed over.
Sitting on the bike the first thing i noticed was the seat was quite firm. Looking at the dash with digital speedo and handle bar mounted switches, everything looked quite conventional. The small cut off bikini fairing looked, well, like a sharp beak !
Key in to the ignition, which sits on top of the tank, clutch in and press the starter and an instant response. No fiddly choke to mess about with. The Suzuki based motor quickly settles down to ticking over at 1100rpm with a muffled burble from the stainless oval silencers.
Select 1st, increase revs and away we go. Up through the gears to 30mph, changing at 3,000rpm the motor felt snatchy at these low speeds. The first traffic light grand prix saw the revs rise to 6,000 and, wow, i was more than happy with the pulling power. The bars are quite straight and, combined with the low seat and footpeg position, i adopted a slightly leant forward riding position.
Out on the open road the bike would pull stongly in any gear or any rev range and it was very flickable on the few twisties i encountered. I think this was down to the relatively light weight compared to the Paso and the low centre of gravity.
On to the motorway for a short blast and it didn't feel breathless and the speed just kept rising along with the revvy engine. I was surprised at the lack of buffeting at high speeds and the bike felt very stable.
Back home after the short first ride i think the grin factor was 9 out of 10. I'm going to have to invest in a paddock stand as it only comes with a side stand. The firm seat will need some getting used to but other than i wouldn't want to change anything. The standard stainless exhausts do stifle the twin sound but i don't think changing the silencers will produce much more power any way so they are staying put. Everything is so well put together. The overall finish is very pleasing to the eye and i think i'm going to be more than happy with my new motor.