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18.05.2009, 12:46 PM
Never had to write on the flame room thread, but Sky News has done ma heeeeed in.:comp2::comp2:

Started work at 5am today & I always take 30 minutes for my lunch out here.
I like to get away from my phone & computer & go to my room & watch the news in some form of piece & quiet.
Just 30 minutes to myself to:chill:, catch up on the news & then return to this nightmare I call a job.
TODAY I switch on Sky News & it is a constant report on Englands World Cup 2018 bid. I know I am a :bagpipes:but why did I have to suffer that?
I have no issues with England winning the bid as it will be great for all of the UK. It will assist construction & the UK Debt, but WAS IT required to be the major issue of the day?
I think not. While 1000's die in conflicts across the world & the Robbing :gay::gay::asslick::gay::gay: M.P's rob us blind ,Sky decide to waste my viewing time with :toilet::toilet: like this. I am sure 80% of the English viewing public was in agreement with this:fire::fire::bagpipes: as we want to catch up on news. By all means make it an item on the news but give us a break.
Right feel better now. Away to start work again. Thank you for your time:faint::faint::faint::thumbs:

18.05.2009, 02:08 PM
The report is not too bad, and i do think it would be a good place to hold the World Cup. Best domestic league, probably some of the best stadia.

But what the fcuk does a 2018 WC bid have to have 1966 mentioned in it FFS.

1966, sh!te year for Scottish folk.

18.05.2009, 02:11 PM
No it wasn,t - i was born that year !!!!:p

18.05.2009, 05:31 PM
bad day at the office then? :D

18.05.2009, 09:56 PM
bad day at the office then? :D

Actually a good day:thumbs:, but all I wanted was 30 minute to myself watching the news. Then I get this p..h .
It is a news item, but I didn't want every old crocked footie star on the telly telling us why England was best for the World Cup in 2018.
I wish them well & will be there to watch matches hopefully
But, I wanted to see news items.
B...er RockJock. :eek::eek:You have got me on my soapbox again:):)

Been up since 5am & it is 23.00 now. Up again at 5am to start another day on here.
If I switch Sky News on at 12.30 tomorrow & the fitba is mentioned the TV is going through the porthole.

GOODNIGHT!!!!! (storms off in a huff.):thumbs: