View Full Version : 70's bike in 80's new wave outfit.

kerry sp3
03.08.2009, 04:27 AM
Hi all my northern brothers and the odd other. I have shelved my Sp3 , Baines imola and guzzi stone and have purchased a 1986 guzzi 850 T5 for a matching 80's side car that has fallen into my garage. Has anybody out there owned a Guzzi sidecar outfit ? When finished its going to be as cool as "Ultravox" !!!

Any good or bad news about the 850 T5 ? Things a tractor, cali leaves it for dead !! Gettin to old and broken for the Dukes !:dunno::dunno:

03.08.2009, 09:03 AM
I saw an amazing Guzzi race rep alloy tank/sidecar outfit heading north on the M74 earlier this year. Hunted the web to see if i could find any photos of it but failed :(

I always liked the T3, never rode one but it would be a bike I'd consider in a dream garage :) engine should be bullet proof with plenty of spares around, talk to Jason at Motostrada in Shipley if you need work doing on it.

kerry sp3
03.08.2009, 05:33 PM
Thank you. Spoken like a true italian bike lover. If ever in south island new zealand I will buy you a spieghts southern ale and point out all the rachel hunter look a likes to you !

You would not believe just how pretty they are down here. Beats Derry or Nottingham hands down !:eek::eek: