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16.08.2011, 10:17 AM
I've been aware for some time that KTM can supply Brembo repair kits that are not available from either Ducati nor Brembo and I also found out recently that a KTM 640 starter clutch is apparently interchangeable with the Ducati one.
Here are links to the relevant items-
40mm mount, 30/34 4 piston caliper (http://www.ams4ktm.co.uk/ktm-parts-finder/?year=1995&modeltype=143&model=%20930051&schematic=C94583131_930051)
65mm mount, 30/34 4 piston caliper (http://www.ams4ktm.co.uk/ktm-parts-finder/?year=2005&modeltype=217&model=%209722E4&schematic=C055871307)
[/URL]65mm mount 4 pad caliper (http://www.ams4ktm.co.uk/category/7-oem-parts.aspx?year=2006&biketype=44154&model=44202&fiche=44223)
Coffin type master cylinder (http://www.ams4ktm.co.uk/ktm-parts-finder/?year=2005&modeltype=217&model=%209722E4&schematic=C055871304) as fitted to carbed SS, Monster, ST2
Starter sprag clutch (http://www.ams4ktm.co.uk/ktm-parts-finder/?year=2000&modeltype=176&model=%20972605&schematic=C00584400_088177) - Item 7, part no. 58440026000.
Note the prices! :)

16.08.2011, 01:31 PM
Off at a slight tangent but I received the adjustable levers off Ebay (Hong Kong) today.
Seem excellent quality especially at the price.

I am looking possibly for covers for these reservoirs in your link Derek so I may just get them from this site rather than spend ages cleaning and painting the existing ones.