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Hi- I wonder if anyone can help?- can you tell me the most successful way of lowering the height of a 748?- My husband VERY kindly bought me one to go with my beloved monster but i am slightly too short in the arse!- I can get the balls of my feet down but would feel more comforftable if i could get my feet flat- I DO NOT want to risk dropping this thing of beauty- any suggestions?- thanks

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Turn the eccentric in the rear hub the 'wrong way round'. Also there is a ride height adjuster on the bike - that rod with the rose joints on the LHS.

Drop the forks through the yokes to suit but watch out for rattling the wheel off the radiator when the front is fully compressed.

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I know what husband is doing tonight!

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This may be of interest or help after lowering your bike, good starting point anyway.

The best place to start is with getting your sag set in both the front and rear suspension first as this can affect ride height and swingarm droop. Make sure the wheels are in line with one another. Max McAllister (Traxxion Dynamics) put out a loose leave book a number of years ago called "Suspension For Mortals" which is a very good starting point. Your front free/static sag should be about 20mm (bike standing upright-no rider) and about 35mm with the rider on the bike. The rear should be about 10mm free/static sag and about 30mm with the rider on. If your free/static is way off your springs might not be very close for spring rate. Once sag is set then you can go about setting ride height. My experince has been that a swingarm droop of about 12 degrees works good. Getting the 12 degrees usually means adjusting both the front fork length and the rear shock ride height to get there. Unfortunately some bikes don't has much in the way of adjustment to get the chassis setup.
Depending on how far you are willing to go, you can make these bikes really handle. This is just a starting point and once your out were you can fully test your setup such and make final adjustment . See what works for you and what you don't like. This can be a very time consuming process but can be very rewarding.
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