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26.03.2012, 08:50 PM

Looking for opinions. I've managed to cobble together a revised brake system for the wee Guzzi (V50 II). I kept the integrated left front/rear system by relocating the reservoir and fitting braided hoses.

The single front is a combination of Venhill and Goodridge with a V50 III splitter for switch. All fine and dandy but the Master Cylinder I had lying around and inspired this redesign is off a Triumph Legend. A bigger heavier bike - my main worry was it would overwhelm the wee Guzzi's cast iron disc,

But it seems the Triumph M/C is 11mm and the original (under the tank) Guzzi was 12.7mm. Should I keep pumping or is there no way I'll get a firm feel at the lever (Giggety)?:o


27.03.2012, 05:35 AM
Have you tried pumping the leaver to get some pressure and then cable tie the leaver back to the bar leave overnight, with the pressure in the system this will expel any air back into the m/c. If that does not sort it out first time but feels better give it another try failing that try a new seal kit.

27.03.2012, 08:21 AM
Thanks Sam, That's what I did last night. I'll see the results after work. The seals could have dried out, I'll check Wemoto for a new kit.
I just hope 11mm is enough and I don't need to source another m/c.

27.03.2012, 08:31 AM
11mm Nissin m/c was standard on the Thruxton - a big heavy bike - probaly the exact same part as you have from the Legend. It will be fine :D

I only changed to 16mm Brembo as I had one lying around. Had more feel with the 11mm.

27.03.2012, 09:10 AM
The 11mm should be fine operating only the single disc. When I had the V50II I did away with the cable operated master cylinder under the tank and fitted converted it to separate front/rear brakes using a 13mm Yamaha master cylinder on the front operating both discs. It was far better than the original set-up.