View Full Version : 999 rear brake bleading

30.09.2013, 11:40 AM
Is there a knack or special technique?

I have tried using my trusty vacuum pump and despite getting a little fluid through the bleed nipple, there is no pressure in the master cylinder and the pads are still lose against the disc.

There are no fluid leeks and I have checked that the pistons in the caliper move:confused:

30.09.2013, 01:59 PM
Here's the technique I use

1. Use a syringe to remove the old fluid from the reservoir

2. Fill reservoir with new fluid

3. Open bleed nipple (suitable hose attached and a container)

4. Depress brake lever

5. Close bleed nipple

6. release brake lever

repeat 2 - 6 until clean fluid and no bubbles

As the fluid volume is low there is no need to use any vacuum devices.

Same process works with the front brakes. Just start with the caliper furthest away from the master cylinder.

01.10.2013, 11:02 AM
The process I used to good effect on both the Mille and my duke was to firstly undo the two bolts holding the caliper to the mount.

I then used some tape or velcro straps to suspend the caliper so that the bleed nipple was up higher than the reservoir and the actual caliper body itself (so that any air could not be trapped inside the body even after you've got the reservoir and lines clear)

Seems to work well and I still have a very useable rear brake after about 3 years of use.

01.10.2013, 11:13 AM
I use a home made bleed hose

lenght of silicone hose to suit insert a threaded bolt in one end just above bolt make a in-line small slit with a scalple or razor blade
this goes into a small plastic bottle through a hole on the side or lid
bleed away no need to shut bleeder as the slit in pipe open,s/close,s keeps air from getting in
remember to keep master toped-up

01.10.2013, 08:54 PM
Thanks to you all, raising the caliper solved the problem -no idea what was wrong but upon raising it, I started getting fluid through with "huge" bubbles.

Sorted :-)