View Full Version : Groan Hack Added

15.04.2007, 08:44 AM
In a similar style to the Thank You hack I've now added a groan hack. Hopefully it'll allow folk to show their disapproval of a comment without it ending up in a prolonged debate or constant flaming and allow those who prefer to read and not post the ability to let a the poster know what they think of a post.

It'll also help new users to identify the people who get groaned a lot and maybe understand more about the personalities using the forum !!.

If anyone feels aggrieved that they are groaned at I (or the other mods) can edit another users groan if we feel its unfair. Drop me, Linzi, Scottch or Freak a PM if you feel this is needed.

Please note you need to have posted at least 5 times to use this groan hack, i've put that requirement in so that members have introduced themselves before "groaning".

The hack doesn't work for posts in a number of forums, I've excluded the likes of legal, feedback and more.

I have the option to remove an individual user from being able to groan, please consider this when groaning, if I feel its excessive or too many unwarranted groans the facility will be removed or suspended for that user.

I was in 2 minds about adding this hack as I don't want to end up with a load of rules or discriminate against individual users but hopefully it will act as a self policing system which saves me or other mods time spent trying to read every post.

the buttons are a generic vbulletin image for the time being, i haven't had time to create theme styled ones as yet.