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18.12.2008, 07:29 PM
OK, me first, already had some good leads this week about further business from DuNers.

What do I do? Cycle shop - particularly mountain bikes, but sell many road bikes too. All accessories from many top brand names are available.
ALL bike repairs undertaken from simple set up of brakes to suspension fork service work, wheel building, frame alterations, powder coating and paint jobs, to full blown bespoke custom bike building.

Undertake ANY repairs to almost anything - childrens' buggies, wheelchairs, tandems, yes even Ducatis.......last year I designed and fitted a fully functioning lighting system AND handbrake to an off road quad bike that was destined for road use. It sailed through it's MOT, or is it SVA?, whatever.

Based in Harrogate North Yorkshire. Oh yes, ride a lot too.

DuNers get a straight 10% discount on manufactures SRP's applied to all goods purchased.

www.psychlosport.co.uk for more.

p.s. - any solicitors, legal eagles on here?

18.12.2008, 07:34 PM
I've moved it to a seperate thread in the forum Pete, the thread title can explain what everyone provides, start a new thread for each business.

18.12.2008, 07:59 PM
its in its own forum so each thread can list a service which is then easily viewable and individual. all you do is go to the i need a forum and look at list of threads, if the service is in the title its then easy to find or do a search of thread titles which will be quick and limit results.

make it a thread with loads of posts and its OT in minutes as this one just has :)