View Full Version : Which photo gallery should I put my photos in?

22.02.2009, 06:49 PM
As the software gets updated new features keep getting added which has meant we now have 4 places for images. In the past I had to restrict things a bit as server space was more expensive, as time has gone on I now get more for the same money which means we can store more images :thumbs:

The old event archive (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/archive.php) that used to be on the main site is still there but no longer gets added to. it would take me too long to put it into the new event archive so it can't be deleted. Please note the menus might not all work, I haven't got around to clearing it all up yet.

The archive was superceded by the new event gallery (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/photopost/), this can be accessed from the Photo Gallery drop down menu/new photo gallery. This gallery is for all UpNorth and SDC events, I will create an event category as they occur and all users can upload photos from that event to the category. There are also sections in the new gallery for any photos you take at shows, Ducati factory or races, please don't upload images from other websites, there are 2 reasons for this - it takes up server space which costs and copyright.

We then have a Members Bikes (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/vbpicgallery.php) section, this can be accessed from the Photo Gallery drop down menu/members bikes, from the Quick Links drop down menu/edit or add bikes, by clicking the title bar above the scrolling images on the Forum Index page (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/index.php) or clicking the members bikes title bar half way down the site home page (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/index.php).

The Members Bikes gallery is for you to add photos of your bike/bikes, you can add full details of each bike along with modifications made. Other users can see your bike by clicking the link in your postbit or going to your profile, there is an additional tab which links to your bike photos. This is the preferred place to upload your bike photos, its easy to use and keeps a gallery for each bike, no need to delete when sold, edit the bike to show its gone and you've still got a record there.

The final place for images arrived when I carried out the site update a few weeks ago it can be accessed from the Community drop down/Pictures and Albums here (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/album.php). This section gives everyone individual albums, I hadn't configured it fully so may have to as I don't know how to control server space for it, the intention was it could be used by the Community Groups section to allow groups to post images that didn't fit elsewhere rather than bike photos which should be in the Members Bikes section as outlined above. if bike photos get posted in this album no-one will see them from your postbit and they can't be searched nor is any detail added on the bike.

So, here's a quick guide to where you post stuff

Photos of your bikes - Members Bikes Section (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/vbpicgallery.php)

Photos from SDC UpNorth events you attend - New Photo Gallery (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/photopost/)

Photos from groups eg Mountain biking, golf, restorations, rebuilds - Pictures and Albums (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/album.php)

Photos from rides in Scotland/North new photo gallery Touring/Riding section (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/photopost/index.php?cat=515)

Photos of bikes you take at shows or events - New Photo Gallery / Bikes (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/photopost/index.php?cat=507) section

Photos from trackdays/races - New Photo Gallery/Trackdays and racing (http://www.ducati-upnorth.com/forum/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=503)

Phew, hope that helps, please note I can't move photos between the old, new, pictures and albums and bikes galleries, it will require you to put them in the correct place initially........