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Thread: starting issues monster 900 dark ie

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    Default starting issues monster 900 dark ie

    Can anyone please help?

    I'm having issues starting my Monster 900, once it is warm, it appears to be a fuel issue as when it cools it starts easily.

    When hot however fuel appears to be vaporizing too quickly. The bike is currently in Spain and is more problematic during the warm months, as it starts first time and runs well until stopped and parked in the heat, whereupon it refuses to start again until cold.

    The bike is an 02 Monster 900 with injection and I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or if this is a common problem etc?

    Any help would be greatly appriciated

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    id be looking at the electrics for this one ...have you tried turning engine over with plug out and seeing if you get a spark?...is fuel getting delivered?..i.e.plugs wet with fuel ?
    trace the loom back from the injectors and check all the block connectors for corrosion or bad fit
    id be tempted to investigate the coils ..make sure the leads are seated properly in them as the duke can vibrate them loose.
    is your battery in good nick??...it might run ok but a suss battery can throw up all sorts of problems
    its a startin point anyway

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    I dont know the 900 monster engine , is it FI ? If so I doubt it will be a fuel vaporising issue.
    Have you checked/replaced the temperature sensor.
    If it was faulty it may be enriching the mixture for cold starting and drowning the spark when the engine is warm.
    Life is too short to worry

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