Hello all,

I'm new to the Ducati scene so bare with me.

I recently dressed my bike with R&G crash protectors, cant be too careful and I confirm due to spast experience they work . They also do a carbon fibre tank slider which looks smart, and thought given the rediculous price of the alloy fuel tank it would be good to protect it. I found a set of carbon fibre tank sliders from ebay for an 848 which were a bit better looking and cheaper than the R&G's so bought them, however when I tried to fit them my tank is slightly bigger meaning they dont sit right. Carbon fibre is near on impossible to re-mould so I contacted the seller. Sadly neither the seller or anyone else I can find does such an item for the corse/alloy fuel tank.

I have since been in touch with a custom carbon fibre company who can make up tank sliders to fit the 2013 SE alloy tank at a very good price, and gets cheaper the more I buy, so thought I would put some feelers out to see if there are any other '13 Corse owners interested in such a thing? I am aware its quite a rare bike. I may also contact some dealerships if they were interested, not sure how many '13 848 SE's have been sold.