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Thread: Vincent the dog - a sad loss

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    Unhappy Vincent the dog - a sad loss

    Many of you knew and loved my best pal and shop mascot, Vincent the white boxer dog.

    Tonight at 6.45pm, we had to make the heart breaking decision to put him to sleep.

    He fought bravely against chronic and terminal heart disease for four months and outlived every expectation of the vets. They deemed his fighting spirit a miracle as he went on for three months beyond their initial estimates.

    He was wagging his tail right to the end but I couldn't let him suffer another moment.

    Thanks to all of you that made his day to day shop life so interesting and fun. He absolutely loved meeting all of you every time; he was just the most social dog I've ever encountered.

    So here's raising a glass to my wee shadow. Life is gonna be very different without him.

    RIP Vincent.

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