Yes, it was staightforward really. I only farmed out the powder coating and the chroming. Our local powdercoating man only takes 5 days to turn a frame around. I`ve found in the past that it`s the chrome plating fellas that keep you either waiting for months or lose some parts or both....but I used Agbrigg Platers in Leeds, a chap called Sean. Brilliant. Turned my stuff around in FIVE DAYS!! Good quality work and fairly priced. No hesitation in recomending him. I used Agbrigg because of difficulties with two other companies I`ve used in the last 18 months or so with car stuff.
I stumbled upon a way of putting the holes in the new screen after Andrew at Mdina warned me of their propensity to crack when drilling....I used a soldering iron and burned the holes through. Worked a treat. Sorry if this is old news and everybody does it, but nobody`s told me!
Rain forecast for tomorrow, so can`t see me getting out on it and off on holiday Saturday so a bit frustrated!