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Thread: Ducati Monster s4 2002 - Running issue

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    Unhappy Ducati Monster s4 2002 - Running issue

    Hello Lads and Lasses

    The bike is on its way out to be replaced with a scooter soon if i cant find what is wrong with it.

    It starts cold no bother on fast idle, heats up then cuts out.

    Ive tried just about everything it really has me scratching me head.

    Jobs done

    Regulator // Rectifier

    Filters ( fuel and air )

    spark plugs

    new coils.

    had diagnostics (JPDiag) plugged in no error codes.

    Tried adjusting TPS and air bleed screws managed to get it a little better but still no go.

    TO DO.

    gonna try begging someone for a DP map for my bike as its had the termis fitted with open air box ( bike had been running okay with this setup for a while )

    New relays for fuel pump and ignition.

    any other suggestions please?

    Thanks in advance. BTW im based in washington in tyne and wear if anyone that knows what they are looking at fancies a pop over. cheers

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    Relays are the next cheap thing to try, they're pretty unreliable at the best of times (I replace them every service on mine) and they have occasionally caused similar issues in the past but as you've done the coils sticks (I presume you checked the coil connector wiring as well?), the crank sensor is my my prime suspect for this one. I have a spare one I can send you for diagnostic purposes if the relays don't fix it.
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    You might want to try posting on the UKMOC site, there are a couple of active S4 owners in your neck of the woods who may be willing to have a look.......

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    Check the water temp sensors if one of them fails causes your symptoms.

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    Thanks guys for the great reply's tried changing the relays but its still a no go. always thought that if the crankshaft sensor went i wouldn't be able to start the bike at all?

    I really appreciate your offer though and would kindly take you up on it after i try changing the water temp sensor.

    I will keep you all posted. Thanks again


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    Crank sensors can fail in various ways. One of them is working OK when cold but failing when they get hot, sometimes they stop working at higher revs, sometimes they just stop working altogether.

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    despite being local, i am also useless

    i can only question the obvious ,

    if you've had it in bits to service it, is everything reconnected ~:? no kinks in the fuel line or a split connector in the tank

    it doesn't coincide with flipping the side stand up or steering left or right to manoeuvrer the bike ~:?

    presume the battery is good or it wouldn't start in the first place

    out of interest how much are you looking to sell for ?
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