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Thread: Ian Murray Motorcycles Edinburgh

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    They called me the Monday after they had their workshop fire as my Hyper was due in that week for a service! They said there was a significant workshop fire over the weekend and they were trying to sort things out and possibly find temporary premises and would back to me to rearrange the service. It sounded like they thought they’d get things up and running 8n a couple o& weeks. They always had load of bikes in storage and in restoration, many customers bikes, I hope they get sorted out ok.

    It’s a shame if they don’t open again as they were very reliable, and it’s really handy having them in Edinburgh!

    I’m taking advantage of DG winter collection and discount instead!


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    Can I just clarify Bob's post.

    Ian Murray was working as an official Ducati service centre, supported by Ducati Glasgow.

    Now the closure of the business and circumstances surrounding it suggest perhaps some aspects of the business and the subsequent fire were not necessarily above board (police probe pending) but DG had nothing to do with any of this.
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    I was chatting to a mate yesterday who said he was now working at 2 Wheel as a mechanic. I assume it's trying to make ends meet...
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    Wonder if the true story will ever come out, feel sorry that his business had to fold though.

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