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Thread: Won't fire?

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    Default Won't fire?

    Morning all

    I have a 98 r plate 916 (no decals on the tank model) which won't start?
    My local repair guy said it was well past his pay grade and to take it to the main dealer. The bike has started a couple of times with the aid of a jump start box but now will only turn over and apparently there is no spark. to add insult to injury, there is now smoke rising from behind the clocks/in front of the tank area?
    Has anyone got any ideas/what it may cost if its terminal? Also does anyone know any good private repair garages that specialise in Ducati or am I stuck with a main dealer?
    The bike is immaculate having covered 10k, with new belts fitted the other year, it was purchased from Ducati Manchester in 2013. If there are any budding auto electricians out there that fancy a challenge, the bike is up for sale and i'm open to offers.

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    I could fix it for you but I'm probably a bit too far away.
    Smoke is probably from a poor connection. Start by fitting a good battery and replacing the fuel pump and injection relays under the seat and the main relay down beside the battery, the relays are known to be a source of troubles. Check all the connections ; battery +ve to solenoid, solenoid to starter, battery -ve to engine and frame. That should cover the most likely culprits.
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