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Thread: 750 GT back to life

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    Default 750 GT back to life

    Just joined the forum and introduced myself in the new members section. In short
    I have just moved up to near Lancaster and am the owner of a box of bits that may one day morph into a GT 750.

    I have an initial question for the experts out there.

    The box of bits came without documentation so at the moment I don't know the year of production. Can this be ascertained from the frame or engine number.

    Secondly has anyone had work done by Mr vd Biggelaar and were you happy with the results? I need, amongst other things, new exhaust valve seats and the inlets recutting.

    I look forward to hearing from some of you

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    Hi and welcome! IMHO you are the owner of an example of the finest bike ever built. Lucky you.

    The year of manufacture can be ascertained by the engine and frame numbers and I think that Ian Falloon's book on restoration gives the details. I have this book if you would like me to have a look. A rough idea can be found by looking at the front forks; if they are forward-axle Marzocchis, then it is an early model (72-74) if centre-axle then it is later (74-75).

    I have heard good things about Biggelaar, but be wary of anyone, I have found some of the most well-known 'experts' to be charlatans. Replacing seats and guides is a job for an engineer and is a very difficult job on these engines. If the guides are worn, then fitting K-line guide liners is the safest option as it doesn't involve removing the old guides and there are a lot of engine firms offering the service, but if the guides are ok, then I would avise leaving well alone. These guys seem to be very professional and do a lot of race preparation:http://www.ducati-kaemna.com/catalog...i-classic.html although I've never used them they may be worth checking out. You could ask Neil at Made in Italy who he uses too.

    These engines are very simple, if time-consuming to work on, but some jobs (guides, seats and big-ends) require top-level engineering skills. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.
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