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Thread: Sachse Ignition

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    Default Sachse Ignition

    I posted earlier that I fitted this ignition on to 750GT and got the bike running - it started no bother but was only running on the horizontal cylinder. I had another bike to work on (and get sold) so put it to one side. I figured a loose wire, duff coil/plug or something and would fix later.

    I just got back to it now and I have refitted the Sachse from scratch making sure I fitted everything by the book - even fitted new coils I had, plugs, leads etc - but it is the same thing. Only firing on the horizontal cylinder.

    Is there a mistake in the instructions, should it be timed on vertical cylinder rather than horizontal?


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    I have no knowledge of the Sachse ignition but on the bevels TDC on the vertical cylinder is the timing position.

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