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Thread: Best/easiest switched live for Satnav Feed please?

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    Default Best/easiest switched live for Satnav Feed please?

    Hi Derek

    Didnt connected my trickle charger correctly to my ST4s and ended up with a flat battery from the Garmin mount drain.

    So, while I'm fiddling about (as always) I thought it was way overdue that I de-wired the satnat permanent supply from the battery - done.

    I thought the answer for the best feed with ignition on was here somewhere in the forum but I cant find it.

    I thought of using the 3A accessory port but I've pulled the fuse on mine as a shorting precaution, I guess and can see it always live, once again.

    Best and easiest options very welcome please....

    There are of course, more threads coming but, I need time to calm down for those!

    Cheers - Frank

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    Hi Frank,

    The accessory port is permanently live so won't help. Easiest option would be to tap into the purple wire to one or other of the brake light switches, one of the 2 purple wires to the fan switch or the light blue wire to the flasher relay. All of these are ignition switched.

    If you want to be more clever about it:
    There is an unused fuse position at the bottom of the fusebox. Wire one end of it across to the other fuses which have a common brown wire (fuses 2, 3 and 6) and wire the other side of the fuse to the +ve of your satnav socket. Fit an appropriate fuse (2A?) in the fusebox and you have a fused supply for your satnav that is ignition switched.
    I can supply details of how to get the terminals out of the fusebox if necessary.

    Old enough to know better, young enough not to care

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