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Thread: 848 evo/evo corse se

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    Default 848 evo/evo corse se

    Hi All, does anyone have an 848 evo or evo se? I'm thinking of getting one and wondered if the extra cash for the se was worth it, cheers.

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    Hi Dan, guy up here has one but I don't know if he's a member, lives in Drumnadrochit, names Sean something or other, contact Bob & see if he knows if he's in the club..👍

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    I have an SE but I have never owned an EVO to compare it against.

    While the SE does have the DTC from a 1098R/1198SP the biggest improvement from an EVO is the brakes (again, the same as the 1098R) which are brilliant.

    I based in the Borders but come up to Edinburgh often so if you want a look...
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