Hi all... I bought a 748 About a year ago now unregistered in the Uk been in a garage for years, seller said was imported.. don’t know what country it came from..
Forks were badly corroded ( the alloy) so replaced those, replaced the belts, oil filters etc
Replaced battery and fitted new led indicators and some hid bulbs.
Ducati club dated the bike 1999 as a 748s.
Mot’d the bike earlier this year and sent off the documents to get a Uk registration Number
Number came back last week so got it out on the road..
Just thought u would fill in about the bike..
Anyways.. bike starts no probs.. ticks over nicely, has no lumpiness anywhere on the Rev range but.. it sounds airy.. like when your running with the filter off a bike, has not mouse from airbox than the exhaust.. the cans are carbon ., into never heard the Make before.
Engine has no torque .. almost feels like a 400 until 7-8 thou then revs through to the end of the revcounter with ease... really have to use the gears to keep it on .. reminds me of an rgv 250 I had many moons ago.
May have a leak on the air box to tank or side thingy’s but wouldn’t expect that much of a difference on power characteristics.
Like I said engine runs smooth all the way through just lacking throttle response and and power/ torque low or mid.
Any input appreciated..
It’s harder for me to judge also because my daily transport all year round is a rsv 1000 gen2 which feels like it has double the horsepower and about triple the torque
Am I spoilt with the Aprillia power or do I need to investigate..
Cheers cliff