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Thread: The DuN forum is moving to facebook permanently on 1st October

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    Exclamation The DuN forum is moving to facebook permanently on 1st October

    DuN was started in 2005 by Michael Bonney as a meeting place for like minded Ducati riders north of Watford who wanted to arrange meets, swap tips, share stores & craic.

    Since then, it has seen its fair share of good times, jokes, friendships, politics, arguments and general bollocks. However, over the last few years the rate of new posts and new members has dwindled to a trickle. The forum itself is running on obsolete software and requires specialist hosting.

    These factors led me and a few of the moderators to consider the future of DuN. Facebook is popular with most existing users and gives a more modern take on much of the forum functionality like discussion threads, events, polls & private messaging. The experimental DuN group on Facebook has been a success, tempting a lot of "dormant" DuN users out of the woodwork.

    The DuN forum running at will therefore be switched into read-only mode on October 1st 2020. After that the intention is to make a static copy of the site available online as an archive and tribute to Michael Bonney* who sadly passed away last year. Any new users will be directed to the DuN Facebook group.

    You can join the Facebook group now at

    This isn't the end of DuN, but a new start - things aren't going to be exactly the same, but many of the faces will be familiar and hopefully the spirit (and most of the bollocks) will be.

    DuN is dead... long live DuN!

    *For those who did not know of Michael, a fraction of his immense story is here:
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    Such a sad post to read but we move on.
    Great to see DUN FB being utilised by old and new members.
    Glad that Gizmo will not be forgotten and his efforts kept.
    Long live DUN.
    Scott C

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    Default DuN is not yet dead

    Look at to continue with Ducati UpNorth

    Old enough to know better, young enough not to care

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