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Thread: B6357 Alston-Kielder-Alston

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    Default B6357 Alston-Kielder-Alston

    Leave Alston on the A689 to Brampton. At Brampton either head to Longtown on the A6071 then up the A7 for a while coming off for Canonbie and the B6257 heading east for Kielder.

    The other option which is good for Multis etc is from Brampton head a short way north and take the right turning which takes you to Walton and then the B6318 just before Kirkambeck head north on this road and just after Roughsike you can either stay on this road which brings you out on the B6357 near Rowanburn or turn right fot Blackpool gate. If my memory serves me well the right turning is on a tight left hand bend. Follow this road all the way to Newcastleton which again is on the B6357 (the same road you end up on either of the previous 2 routes) This little road from Blackpool gate to Newcastleton is very scenic as it drops you down through Kershope forest. Its not one I would really fancy on my 996 though as it gets a little narrow and twisty. On a Multi its great though.

    Whichever way you choose you are now on the B6357 following the signs for Kielder forest / Kielder water. At Saughtree you take the right turning, you cant really go wrong as its well signed. The road does not seem that good for a mile or so but soon it really opens up and gets very nice and fast. It is usually very quiet through here and you can usually let rip a bit. If you are that way inclined you can go flat out on whatever bike you can think of, the road is nice and wide and there are sweeping bends that can be taken flat out in top gear (allegedly!) After the lake stops (its a big Lake!) you take the first right turn you see for Bellingham. A word of warning here.... I got a ticket here for 80 something in a 60 its a quiet little road but they do sometimes have a car well out of site half way up a hillside and he times you between 2 points and still has enough time to get down the track onto the road infront of you! From Bellingham head to Hexham on the B6320 and then A6079 beware the speed camera in the village of Wall. From Hexham you head back to Alston on the A686. Either by Heading to Haydon Bridge first or as I do on the B6305 to Langley then Alston via A686.

    Its a nice little loop that will take you anything from 2 to 4 hours depending where and how long you stop for refreshments etc. There are a few places at Kielder water one of which is right on the lakeside (east of lake) and another Gizmo took me to at Falstone that was very nice.

    Give it a try you will not regret it!

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    The section of this ride which I rated as one of the good ones is the Canonbie-Newcastleton-Hawick, from the B6357 to the B6399. "Rated" as it is getting more popular and therefore more bikers and enhanced bizzy presence. It is suitable for any bike, 996 included. OK you are rarely absolutely flat, but there is bags of interesting stuff to do and see. The combinations of corners, running one set to another are truly awesome. On a Duc you can do the whole lot virtually in third, often not much quicker than 70, but you learn a whole heap of stuff about handling, vision through corners, braking, max torque and so on. Nobody I have taken there has anything other than praise for it. Go and do it at least once.

    I then take the road to Selkirk then A708 back to Moffat then south and home, or head eastwards, pick up the A68 over Carter Bar and backhome. It's a good day out from Yorkshire.

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    Default Lush ride

    I did this ride early yesterday morning with slight variation because we set off from Mcdogfood in Carlisle and ended up comming back over Hartside.
    Must admit the Kielder section is the Dogs dangly bits and the rest isnt too bad either Hartside is a bit crowded on Sunny sundays and heavily policed, luckily for us they where travelling the opposite direction!!!
    Word of warning, the ladies in Kielder cafe told us about a camera van along the fast bit somewhere which moves around all day along this section of road, my advice go really early before there out of bed, added bonus of being the only people on the road apart from the ever present meandering sheeps (first section from Saughtree end)

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    Great road but another note of warning - deer can be a real problem anywhere around Kielder so take care especially at dawn and dusk. I,ve had a couple of encounters that were too close for comfort and they are big enough to cause real damage.

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    Fixed speed camera is in Acomb - not Wall - dont be fooled by the signs, although Mr P is often sitting oposite the Hadrian drying his hair
    3 out of the 4 voices in my head told me to go for it

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