The site now has a database of useful links which all members can add to. if you find a useful site please take a few minutes to add it to the database. If you are looking for a specific site it might also be worth checking the links directory or using the links search.

Its easy to add a link

Copy the url from the site

Go to the links directory -

Click Submit a Link

Paste your link into the box then select the appropriate category, its important to place it correctly if you can, if you think the link fits 2 or more categories you can select additonal ones in subsequent screens

Some arts of the next screen might be completed, the software extracts info from your link, check its all correct or add your own title, select any additional category here as well

Check the description or write your own, then look at the keywords, delete any that have been automatically input and type in relevant keywords to help make searching easier

Press submit and you are done.

You can also rate links and add replies to them, if you spot a dead link please let me know and I'll delete the link, if its a link you input you can edit or delete so don't panic if you get it wrong.

As time goes on I will add new categories as needed to make it even easier to search.